Have the kids finally flown the coop? Want to spend more time quality time with your family and friends than your vacuum cleaner? Love to travel? There are a lot of reasons to down-size, and the rewards are many. Options abound, and a savvy realtor (hello!) can introduce them to you.

Small, not tiny, houses

Many city homes have a modest footprint owing to the era in which they were built. You can find cottages, bungalows and ramblers under 1,000 sq. ft. throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, in beautiful neighborhoods often with shopping and dining a short walk away. You’ll also find 1-bedroom homes, aka ‘condo alternatives,’ popping up from time to time. And you won’t have to give up a yard or garden. This is a great choice for those of you who share life with a dog.

Condos and lofts

We’re in the midst of another building boom, and much of it involves condominium projects near light-rail and the riverfront.  Small-scale projects like Steele Flats at 45th and Chicago are nestled into quieter neighborhoods while larger developments like the Spring Street condos in St. Paul’s Uppertown and the Bridgewater and Legacy Lofts near the Guthrie Theater on the Minneapolis riverfront offer access to vibrant urban venues.


Townhomes offer the benefits of your own contained outdoor space without any of the maintenance. Townhome communities are typically located in quieter suburban enclaves but if city life draws you, you will find them here as well. 

Ready to explore your options? Let’s get started!