I’m a dog person. This is not to say I am not fond of cats—actually, I love them dearly—but my two rescue pups are my heart.  

Why does this matter? If you’re looking for a home to share with the only roommate who will absolutely never steal your beer (no opposable thumbs), rest assured that you and I speak the same language. Here are just a few things I tend to notice or look for when helping my dog-parent clients:

  • Fenced backyard or potential for one
  • A door that directly leads into said backyard
  • Proximity to dog parks
  • Proximity to pet stores
  • Flooring & stairs
  • Where will the dog dishes go?
  • Where will the dog leashes, bags and towels go?

Of course there’s more… When you are seeking the four walls to best house your favorite four paws, no detail is unimportant! A dog makes a house a home. I look forward to helping you both find yours.