Leverage my list and find a trustworthy pro!

One of the things I enjoy most in life is connecting good people with other good people. Being a matchmaker, so to speak – not just between buyers and houses, but between those who need a specific something, and those who just happen to have, or provide, that something.  So if you need, say, an insurance agent to make sure you have the right coverage for your bungalow or a recommendation for an awesome plumber, I can hook you up with a trusted, vetted professional.  

Through years of working with clients, fellow agents, and networking groups, I’ve gathered a long list of topnotch service providers, and I’d love to share them with you!  So, for the next few months I’ll be posting some of my favorite go-to providers across a range of topics.  

This month: Money/finance folks, since the new year is a great time to get your finances in order. (Next month, I’ll share home repair and reno providers, and in March, personal service providers.)

Susan’s list of Financial Professionals

Home (+ Auto) Insurance

Dash Leander, Farmers, 952-465-7187 or dleander@farmersagent.com. Dash makes sure any loopholes are covered, and he’s happy to do a free policy review (never a bad idea). Tip: if you’ve recently had a new roof installed, you’re probably eligible for a lower rate! 

Mortgage Lender

Tom Ahles, Edge Home Finance, 612-276-6947 or tahles@edgehomefinance.com. As a broker, Tom can source loans from over 35 providers. In the top 1% of his field, he works with all income levels and is skilled in challenging situations.  Tip: If you bought a home 1 to 3 years ago, now is a good time to look into a refi. 

Financial Planner

Heather Bantle, Foster Klima, 612-746-2339 or heather_bantle@fosterklima.com . Heather works with those under 50 to help them put the right systems in place for financial stability during earning years. Tip: Everyone needs a financial planner, not just high-net-worth folks (financial planning will help you become one of those folks). 

Retirement Planner

Keith Boudreau, Prudential. 612-290-3711 or keith.boudreau@prudential.com. Keith helps those approaching or in retirement to manage and maximize their resources, delivering straight talk without a sales pitch. Tip: Talk to more than one FP to find the right fit.

Payroll Services/Credit Card Processing

Wesley Traen, Paychex. 612-718-4679 or wtraen@paychex.com. Knowledgeable in all things payroll related, Wesley’s jam is to help his clients find ways to save money and time on their payroll process, and he is very, very good at it. In addition, he’ll ensure that you’re compliant with IRS regulations. Tip: he will also save you money if your biz does a lot of credit card processing.

Note: if you want more info on anyone listed here, or a personal introduction, I’m more than happy to provide it. Or, if you are looking for someone in a field not listed, let me know and I’ll send a recommendation. susan@susanbonne.com